to May 31


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ILLUSTRATING BLACKNESS: Bearden, Glaser, Lawrence & Warhol, at La Maison D'Art Gallery, 259 West 132nd Street, through May 30th, 2018

Reception Thursday May 24th, 6-8PM

Exhibit through May 31st, 2018

The Harlem historian and collector John T. Reddick, draws from his collection the works of four prominent 20th century artists, Romare Bearden, Milton Glaser, Jacob Lawrence and Andy Warhol, and reflects on how they each "ILLUSTRATED BLACKNESS." Exhibiting posters, album covers, book-jackets and magazine covers the show illuminates on how these four unique artists captured African American spirit, history and celebrities for presentation and consumption by a broader public audience.


Contact the gallery at 718-593-4108 for viewing.

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Passenger Pigeon Press - 1st Anniversary Launch Art exhibit
to Dec 9

Passenger Pigeon Press - 1st Anniversary Launch Art exhibit

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Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 6-9PM

Passenger Pigeon Press

Opening Reception @ La Maison d'Art - 6-9PM

Passenger Pigeon Press (PPP), in collaboration with Art In FLUX and La Maison d’Art, presents a group show celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the launch of PPP.  Artist and educator, Tammy Nguyen started this grassroots print outfit with an activist and storytelling flair in the Fall of 2016.  PPP addresses geopolitics, science, and identity through visual art and writing.  In its first year, PPP covered politically urgent issues including endangered species, labor rights, WWII history, sports rules, local NY history, and gastronomy using a nuanced storytelling craft. The exhibition features all of the year one contributors to Passenger Pigeon Press including artists, writers, historians, and scientists, offering a glimpse into their larger practices.


Historian Andrew Stein, for example, offers a bookshelf of his selected reading on Queer Caribbean studies. The young poet, Chayce Marshall, presents a piece about the buds of a tree while the nomadic lyricist Andrew Hughes shares a story of lies from a place in Spain.   Visual artists Meena Hasan, Didier William and Ronny Quevedo present intimate artworks extrapolated from their personal stories.   

Opening night will debut the Fall issue of Martha’s Quarterly and PPP’s new artist collaboration with Patricia Nguyen, lead artist from Chicago based collective Axis Lab.  The 2017 Fall issue of Martha’s Quarterly, entitled Paper Tiger speaks about false power fronted by an outward display of bravado. This issue features the work of curator Larry Ossei-Mensah, poet Saretta Morgan, and history teacher Lorne Swarthout. The Patricia Nguyen and Axis Lab collaboration celebrates and mournes the immigrant community of Argyle in Chicago whose people are being displaced as the neighborhood gentrifies.   

Artists:    Andrew Hughes, Andrew Stein, Chayce Marshall, Davey Barr, Didier William, Emily Nguyen, Emma Colbert, Genevieve Erin O'Brien, Kenny Rivero, Kevin Collier, Larry Ossei-Mensah, Lorne Swarthout, Mauricio Cortes, Meena Hasan, Patricia Nguyen, Peniel Dimberu, Richard Tran, Ronny Quevedo, Samuel Snow, Saretta Morgan, Tammy Nguyen, Téa Chai Beer, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Tran Minh Duc

Inquiries:     Tammy Nguyen,,  718-877-1600





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"Styles & Storytellers: Volume 1" - Group Exhibit
to Jun 30

"Styles & Storytellers: Volume 1" - Group Exhibit

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Styles & Storytellers is the first installment of a series of exhibits and artist talks created by artist J.T. Liss. 4 unique artists, 4 unique styles, 4 completely different stories about their lives and work. Featuring Marthalicia Matarrita (muralist, painter), Jeff Henriquez (Photorealist painter & muralist), Misha Tyutyunik (muralist, painter) & J.T. Liss (Photographic Artist), “Styles & Storytellers” focuses on the power that storytelling in art can have in changing our worldviews. Each artist is intentional in their work and in the message they want to convey. In this exhibit you will not hear any artist respond with “What do you think this piece is about?” In “Styles & Storytellers” you will be drawn in by the beauty of the work and sparked by a conversation that may change the way you see the world. For if a new thought can enter the mind, even for the briefest of moments, then change has a chance. Come join us and be part the conversation.

“Styles & Storytellers: Volume 1”
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 11th 6-9pm

Exhibit through June 30, 2017
Location: La Maison d’Art (259 West 132nd Street, Harlem)

Featured Artists

J.T. Lis (@JTLissPhotoArt)
J.T. Liss is an East Harlem based photographic artist, poet and educator. His work combines multiple layers, sometimes up to 31 different photographs merged together, to create hidden imagery and symbolism that reflect society, religion, love and the universe around and within us.

Jeff Henriquez (@jartista)

As a portrait artist of the mundane, I get my inspiration from the pedestrian icons you see every day walking around Brooklyn, Chinatown, Bronx or the lower east side of Manhattan, but which are often ignored by most people. Mail boxes, abandoned call boxes, and old pay phones are some of my favorites. I find the beauty in the “vandalism“, and bring these objects into focus to slow down time and make the viewer stop and exist quietly in the chaos of the marks left on them.

Marthalicia Matarrit (@marthalicia)
Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations.

Misha Tyutyuni (@mdot_season)
Misha Tyutyunik aka Mdot is a Ukrainian born, prolific, painter, muralist, street artist and illustrator living and working out of Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of Pratt Institute, he has been making art his whole life. His murals shine on walls throughout the five boroughs, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami and Mexico, while his paintings and illustrations are in collections all over the world.


SMART Bee (@smartbeer)
Corner Social Restaurant & Ba (@cornersocial) 

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to Jan 15


La Maison d'Art is proud to announce its new exhibition: MATCHES, a photography exhibit by Justin Hoch.

Dec. 15, 2016 - Jan. 15, 2017
Opening Night: Dec. 15th, 2016 6-8PM

Join us on Thursday Dec. 15th 6-8PM La Maison d'Art for the first view of MATCHES, a solo photo exhibit by Justin Hoch in collaboration with our upcoming documentary Common Ground: Bridging Cultures by Stephanie CallaWill Vaultz

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to Jul 8

Ubuntu exhibit

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 2, 2016  Time: 6:30pm - 8.30pm     Harlem Arts Festival (HAF)    is pleased to announce "  UBUNTU  ",  an African-based philosophy; translated it means "I am because we are." It will feature the work of Harlem Arts Festival visual artists from the past five years. It asks them to acknowledge the individuals who have made them possible, reflect on how their artwork embodies the people, places, and/or events that have shaped them as artists, and answer how their artwork connects them to the Harlem community.   EXHIBITING ARTISTS   Shannon Berry, Cathleen Campbell, D. Myntia Daniels, Lisa DuBois, Laura Gadson, Élan HiArt, Lance Johnson, , Cherry K, Tiffany Latrice, J.T. Liss, SLONE WOTS LOC CREW.     UBUNTU   is the second of two exhibitions in 2016 that HAF will present for its annual partnership with LMDA.                                                             Artwork photos

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 2, 2016

Time: 6:30pm - 8.30pm

Harlem Arts Festival (HAF) is pleased to announce "UBUNTU",  an African-based philosophy; translated it means "I am because we are." It will feature the work of Harlem Arts Festival visual artists from the past five years. It asks them to acknowledge the individuals who have made them possible, reflect on how their artwork embodies the people, places, and/or events that have shaped them as artists, and answer how their artwork connects them to the Harlem community.


Shannon Berry, Cathleen Campbell, D. Myntia Daniels, Lisa DuBois, Laura Gadson, Élan HiArt, Lance Johnson, , Cherry K, Tiffany Latrice, J.T. Liss, SLONE WOTS LOC CREW.

UBUNTU is the second of two exhibitions in 2016 that HAF will present for its annual partnership with LMDA.


                                                        Artwork photos

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to May 23


Opening Reception: Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time: 6:30pm - 9pm

Harlem Arts Festival (HAF) is pleased to announce Who’s Harlem? / Whose Harlem?, a 4-week-long contemporary art exhibition at La Maison d’Art (LMDA) featuring works by visual and multidisciplinary artists from its recently selected 2016 cohort, including Shannon Berry, Gary Conger , D. Myntia Daniels, Lisa DuBois, Vickie Fremont , Élan HiArt, Ayo Janeen Jackson, Jarrett Key, and DC Productions .



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POTO MITAN - A Solo Exhibit by May Clemente
6:30 PM18:30

POTO MITAN - A Solo Exhibit by May Clemente

Join us on Tuesday March 8th, 6:30-9PM to celebrate the Kick-off Event of Women's History Month @ La Maison d'Art with a Vibrant Exhibit of May Clémenté's Paintings celebrating women and our role in society. 

Opening Reception

The Courageous Mother, Central Pillar of her family and community in a matriarchal society.

As part of Women's History Month, we are exploring the intriguing history of POTO MITAN and its roots in The French West Indies.

POTO MITAN, a Pride or a Pain from the past? 

Exhibit is showing from March 8th through April 13, 2016
Born in 1987 in Martinique, May Clémenté is an emerging artist favoring two different mediums alternatively, reflecting either her need for cheerful acrylic colors in an abstract style, or her quiet, more subdued mood for softness and veiled mystery with the delicate palette of the coffee-painting medium.
A self-taught artist, she exhibited in her native island, then in New York during work-related events and one solo exhibition. 
She explores the exhilarating freedom of working on large canvasses where shapes and vivid colors emerge from a deep quest for her inner soul.

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"OPULENCE Á LA MAISON D'ART" - A new exhibition of Javier Ávila
to Nov 25

"OPULENCE Á LA MAISON D'ART" - A new exhibition of Javier Ávila

I would say the most important phrase, if I could put it into a phrase, would be luxury and opulence distilled in a way to their purest line.
— Tom Ford



OPULENCE Á LA MAISON D'ART - This exhibit’s opening brings a spectrum full of color, power and whimsy. Inspirational muses take form in a preview of the artist’s larger collection of iconic women entitled Opulent Icons. Eight pieces from the collection will be on view at La Maison D’Art Gallery through November 25th. Also on view will be prints and Collage work by the artist. There will be scheduled Artists talks, Dia de Los Muertos Tribute Event and Supreme Saturday a joyous musical tribute to the music of The Supremes.  
Emerging painter, Javier Ávila , displays large-scale, colorful, powerful and playful portraits of famous, glamorous and influential women. Some of these disciples of Glamour in the cast of this series include: The Supremes, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Chér, Sophia Loren, María Félix, Joséphine Baker, Jennifer Lopéz and Audrey Hepburn.

Each Icon is personalized through color, text—with famous quotations of the star painted on the sides of the canvas, and other symbols, such as the artist’s signature are all hidden throughout.

Javier’s art is influenced by his cross-cultural upbringing having been raised in both Mexico & the U.S. Javier is both a First Generation American and a Native son of Mexico, a citizen of two cultures and of two nations. “Having the privilege to be from two lands has helped me be open to the world in general, this has always influenced & inspired my art weather it be painting, music or living my life.”

Opening Reception's Photos

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"PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY" - A new exhibition of Gregory St Amand
to Sep 30

"PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY" - A new exhibition of Gregory St Amand



PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY is an exercise that shows an assimilation of our consciousness through popular marketing of brands and icons. Our thought process is intricately intergraded with the imagery we consume everyday. This language of imagery is fed to us casually and forcefully. This is the very essence of what is merging our collective thought process and our cultures. 
This consumption of commercial propaganda actually makes us closer to one another without noticing that certain barriers have been breeched. I neither desire to judge it negatively or positively in my art, but I have to allow freedom and honesty through my work. I recognize that it is a force in our lives, and that there is someone at the wheel that is not us.

I think recognizing this idea is to exert your power to steer it in a way, that you find advantages to your beliefs. I always like to give the quick example of growing up in the islands and asking for a coke. After a while asking for a coke does not mean you want specifically a coca cola it just means you want a soda. The brand in essence has taken over a communication bridge; and further more, it does this, in a culture that may be foreign to its origins. 
Imagery was made to communicate and gain leverage to interact with greater accessibility to truly understanding each others desires. It does this by showing us beautiful things that seduce our spirits and intellects. Knowing this I think it is interesting to entertain possibilities never before seen and make more obvious those we see everyday.That awareness is what I talk about in my work, I believe I will make people take notice of what they are consuming not just with their mouths but also with their eyes. Part of me grew up more american then americans living in the US, and part of me always felt a little asian in some way because I consumed so much of their imagery while growing up.

PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY is a cultural result of how we communicate with each other, and what we want from another, and how we want to be understood or seen. My brush strokes expose this interaction, my palette and subjects expose the effects of our communication and consumption.

Opening Reception's Photos and Video

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Harlem Art Festival presents "ART AS RESISTANCE", a HAF Artists Group Show
to Jul 15

Harlem Art Festival presents "ART AS RESISTANCE", a HAF Artists Group Show

Art As Resistance Flyer - Cover Image-2.jpg
Art begins with resistance- at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.
— Andre Gide

On June 4, 2015 the Harlem Arts Festival debuts its second exhibition, through its partnership with Harlem-based art gallery La Maison d’Art, which showcases local community artists and artisans.

The exhibition, entitled “Art as Resistance,” presents the works of six past and present Harlem Arts Festival visual artists. The opening reception will also feature a performance from HAF 2015 artist, singer/songwriter Jasmine Reign. The exhibition will run from June 1 to July 15 at La Maison d'Art.

Tiffany Latrice's art is for and about women. With a degree in international relations with a concentration in gender, culture, and global society from the University of Southern California and a masters in women's history from Sarah Lawrence College, Tiffany's art is a feminist statement that seeks to combat androcentric worldviews of women's role in society. Through her compositions and texture, she tell the story of marginalized voices and systematic oppression; she moves women from marginalized spaces to spaces of power and agency. Tiffany combats objectification and commodification by allowing the viewer to undergo a journey through the elaborate imagery she depicts on the canvas.

J.T. Liss is an East Harlem based photographic artist and poet for social change. His work consists of multiple layers, sometimes up to 18 different photographs merged together, to create hidden imagery that reflect metaphorical meanings related to society, inequality, religion, love and the universe around and within us.

Lädy is a street tag created by Lädy Millard. Her art explores common iconography of femininity, the demise of culture and class, and it pervades the walls Manhattan's Lower East Side where it makes a claim to power for people without a voice. Lädy is not only a graffiti artist but a social commentator and street anthropologist as she sends a message to her spectators about the meaning of the “Lady” in our society. Redefining the gender and incorporating her environment to manipulate the audience's view of the reality that they live. 

Alice Mizrachi is a painter and teaching artist in New York. Through painting, murals, printmaking and installations, Alice creates figurative work that depicts characters whose relationships and emotions reflect her perspective of the social environment. Alice seeks to spread empathy and compassion through site-specific projects that are positive visual responses to social issues that affect neighboring residents. In her roles as artist and teacher, Alice explores art as a path for communities and individuals to heal through creative expression. She works to empower and inspire women and girls by elevating females to sacred archetypes in her art. And as a teaching artist, Alice extends her personal commitment to art as a tool for healing through hands-on creative projects that help others express their ideas about topics such as environmentalism, identity and migration.

Lance Johnson is a mixed media artist who lives his motto, "Think...create...inspire." He constructs vibrant, thought provoking works that are inspired by his ancestral legacy, hip hop, and the legendary artist and writer Romare Bearden.

Zulu King "Slone" [WOTS Crew, LOC] is the Executive Director of the Arts Department for the Universal Zulu Nation, a Philosopher, a Teacher, and a Community Activist for murals for change. He is Graffiti Hall of Famer, receiver of a Hip Hop Humanitarian Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Dance Mogul Magazine. He also works with Beats, Rhymes, & Relief, a Hip Hop awareness non-profit, to raise support for worldwide humanitarian relief efforts through the arts. 

Jasmine Reign is a visionartist, singer and songwriter cruising down the intersection between jazz and electronic music. She is a third culture kid, with roots in both the U.S. and South Africa and her bloom firmly in New York City. She has performed at various venues across NYC including (most recently) the Studio at Webster Hall and will release her first solo EP in Fall 2015. 


Opening Reception's Photos

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Harlem Arts festival presents "NEW YORK DNA" by DARA LEVIN
to May 22

Harlem Arts festival presents "NEW YORK DNA" by DARA LEVIN

I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome and I always say: There is no place like New York. It’s the most exciting city in the world now. That’s the way it is. That’s it.
— Robert de Niro



On October 15, 1996, Dara Levine embarked upon a journey around the world that would take her through 19 countries, expose her to a myriad of cultures, and indulge her in hundreds of experiences. Accompanied solely by her 35mm camera and a 60-pound backpack, Dara set off on an adventure that would indelibly broaden her perspective of the world around her and profoundly affect her sense of herself as an artist and photographer.


Born in Los Angeles in 1965, Dara was raised in Rye, New York. Her interest in photography was evident as early as age seven. She acquired her first camera, a plastic disc camera, by selling seeds door to door in her neighborhood until she had earned enough points to select the coveted prize. Soon, her interest grew to be a passion.


The body of work representing her eleven-month journey bears witness to a melding of passion with talent. Her destinations were diverse including: Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Nepal, India, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Peru, Mexico, Scotland, Italy and more. However broad the canvas, Dara captures moments of intimacy with both people and animals "in situ".


Continuing on single short-term trips, November 1998 to the Urubamba Valley and into the treacherous Pongo de Mainique and Heath River where she spent time among the Machiguenga Indians who lived in the valley while trying to reclaim title ship of their land from the Government and other groups such as the Colonists who lived high above the plains.


In August 2000, she joined a trip to the state of Chiapas in Mexico. The trip awakened new horizons, and focused Dara's lens on the children of Chiapas. In the poorest parts of the world, the innocence of children turned to hardship. As young as five years old, children are sent out with their parents to beg, sell or steal to keep the family alive.


Over the years, Dara has refocused her lens to the changing landscapes of Central Park, Harlem and New York City. Although her travels take her to places where her camera continues to tell amazing stories, she will always return to New York City and call it home.


Dara and her husband reside in New York City surrounded by the multitude of nationalities and cultures witnessed on her sojourn.

Opening Reception's Photos

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"COLOR PLAY" - A dual Exhibit by Tomo Mori & Capucine Boucrat
to Jan 15

"COLOR PLAY" - A dual Exhibit by Tomo Mori & Capucine Boucrat

The main fonction of color should be to serve expression
— Henri Matisse




 2 minds,

 2 spirits,

 2 perspectives...

ONE show


Tomo Mori and Capucine Bourcart have come together to explore just that.  


Employing a painstaking, but meticulous process  rooted in the ancient tradition of collage, Tomo has created pieces that literally explode with color, while exploring the fabric of life.


On the flip side, Capucine has taken her eye and camera to the streets of Harlem/NYC; collecting images reflecting everyday city life. Finding beauty in the finite details, Capucine then sliced these images into the “mulch” to be used for her collages.

A study in opposites that highlights their similarities, we are honored that you have come to bare witness to their cacophonous conversation.


Opening Reception's Photos 

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"I FOUND GOD IN MYSELF" - The 40th Anniversary of Ntozake Shange's "for Colored Girls"
6:30 PM18:30

"I FOUND GOD IN MYSELF" - The 40th Anniversary of Ntozake Shange's "for Colored Girls"

Join us for a special live reading featuring excerpts from Ntozake Shange’s “for colored girls/who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf,” staged by Kim Weston-Moran. Following the reading will be a panel discussion featuring exhibiting visual artists discussing the exhibition, i found god in myself: THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF NTOZAKE SHANGE’S for colored girls…. The exhibiton’s curator, Souleo, will moderate.

"I FOUND GOD IN MYSELF" is a multimedia and multigallery exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s groundbreaking choreopoem, "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf."
Since its debut performance in 1974 just outside Berkeley, California, at a bar named the Bacchanal, Shange’s work has captivated, provoked, inspired, and transformed audiences all over the world. On display at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture are 20 specially commissioned pieces in honor of the individual poems and archival material that traces the journey of Shange’s text from that bar in California to its critically acclaimed run on Broadway.
The multigallery exhibition extends beyond the walls of the Schomburg to include additional noncommissioned artworks on display at two satellite locations, La Maison d’Art and The Sol Studio. These multimedia works portray women at the life stages of youth, adulthood, and late adulthood. Thereby each work gives tangible life-form to Shange’s words and women’s contemporary experiences with issues such as class, body image, gender identity, immigration, politics, war, love, sexuality, racial identity, sisterhood, and ultimately self-love.
"I FOUND GOD IN MYSELF" is curated and organized by Souleo of Souleo Enterprises, LLC.


Cherie Danielle - Lady in Yellow

Kim Gardner - Lady in Green

Adiagha Faizah - Lady in Blue

Eren T. Gibson - Lady in Purple

Aixa Kendricks - Lady in Red


Jeanine Alfieri

A graduate of the California College of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles, Alfieri creates work using the three mediums she loves most; fabric, sculpture and painting. Using the female, from a life cast, she combines these materials uniquely and without restriction. Alfieri’s work has been featured in countless solo and group exhibitions. She holds numerous awards in sculpture, is a member of The National Association of Women Artists, The International Sculpture Center, the Provincetown Art Association and has recently become a member of the Bronx Council On the Arts.


Nona Faustine

Nona Faustine is a native of Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, in 2013 she attained her MFA, from The International Center of Photography at Bard College. The heart of her work speaks to what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. Nona’s practice focuses on history and folklore, with a concentrated interest in gender, and identity politics.


Andre St. Clair

André St. Clair aka André St. Clair Thompson and Andrea St. Clair, is America's Gender Nonconformist interdisciplinary artist, speaker and activist. St. Clair holds an Honors B.A. in Sexuality and Society from Brown University, an MA and MFA, respectively in Performance Studies from New York Univeristy/Tisch School of the Arts and in Acting from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Gender and sexuality continue to shape her work.



Peter “Souleo” Wright creates and produces entertaining and informative events, media and artistic projects. Souleo holds a B.A. in English from Brown University. As a journalist he has written for Newsweek, NY Daily News, Ebony, New York Press, Black Enterprise and more. Souleo is the creator of the column “On the ‘A’ w/ Souleo” which is now syndicated online across several media properties including Huffington Post,,, New York Amsterdam News, and Rolling Out. In partnership with the New York Public Library, he produces LGBT, financial literacy and creative programming. As a curator, his notable exhibitions include "eMerge: Danny Simmons and Artists on the Cusp," the first-ever AARP exhibition "Lasting Legacy: The Journey of You," Harlem’s unprecedented multi-gallery collaborative exhibition "Motown to Def Jam,” and the visual art debut of Melvin Van Peebles in “eMerge 2.0: Melvin Van Peebles and Artists on the Cusp.” In 2014, Souleo made his curatorial debut at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture with “i found god in myself: 40th anniversary celebration of Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls…

Opening Reception's Photos

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"GETTING UP: THE EVOLUTION OF GRAFFITI' - Group Art Exhibit presented by La Maison d'Art & The Black Capital Coalition
to Aug 24

"GETTING UP: THE EVOLUTION OF GRAFFITI' - Group Art Exhibit presented by La Maison d'Art & The Black Capital Coalition


Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty, you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss
— Banksy

GETTING UP: “to develop your reputation or ‘rep’ through writing graffiti”.


Graffiti is and always has been a public form of expression; a way to send a message to the masses.

A visual representation on the evolution and cultural influence of Hip Hop Graffiti from New York to France, featuring works by T-Kid 170, OENO, Paul Deo, Mathamatics Patterson, Flygirrl, MRS, Royce Bannon, Ausm and special guests DJ “Poska” and DJ “Akil”.

The exhibition explores the diverse styles of the Graffiti-phenomenon that originated during the inception of Rap and Hip Hop Era on New York City subway cars in the 70’s. As a founding father of the Street Tagging and Graffiti culture, T-Kid 170’s style, 3-D letters and unique characters, has been a source of inspiration for many other writers from all four corners of the globe.

With GETTING UP, we recognize the root of the form; its global evolution and influence on French artist, OENO, from the The infamous 1986 “Le Louvres” metro Tagging in Paris to now, having his works shown in world renowned institutions. While in Harlem, Paul Deo creates futuristic innovative Graffiti. The pulse that is pushing the genre forward can be found in the work of artists such as, MRS, who creates a series of collage works inspired by graffiti art’s relationship to temporality—an element not always obvious, visible, or identifiable to the spectator.

FLYGIRRL’s skill in art and illustration became more and more a part of her life as her acrylic and ink works of urban/comic book/graffiti-esque art came sneaking out on the scene. AUSM’s work is mostly dedicated to letter structure and other aspects of traditional graffiti. Royce Bannon’s hybrid style graffiti can be found on the street or commissioned for clothing lines and apparel.

DJ Poska, in the music scene since the 80’s, has refined his art and mixes now almost as he breathes. Evenings, mix tapes, radio shows, compilations, production, directing. Stung by the virus of hip hop early on, and his rapid ascension, DJ Poska has forever solidified himself into the history of French hip hop as being among the pioneers of the Mixtape movement. DJ Poska is talented and respected not just as a DJ, but also for his refined ear for great music.  

DJ Akil, on the turntables since 1993, is the official DJ of HUPERKUT & BREAKFLOW RECORDS (PARIS/NEW YORK), GOBLIN MUSIC (U.S.A-N.Y.C), LFBTV (Live From Brooklyn TV, U.S.A-N.Y.C), BOOMBOX BULLIES (U.S.A-NYC), SALIF (FRANCE-PARIS), AMARA and PRINCESS ANIES (FRANCE-PARIS) which it has accompanied for already several years on scene through France and the foreigner, present in the design of their albums.!biografy/c1qsz

Makeba Rainey Black Capital Coalition (BCC) is an initiative to promote visual and performance artists from Harlem through creative collaborations between artists, businesses, and institutions.

Opening Reception's Photos

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to May 18

Art In Flux Harlem et La Maison d'Art present "IN HER SKIN: Celebrating Women"

Kennedy Yanko.png

Ten female artists share what it's like to be IN HER SKIN and present the beauty, talent, flawlessness and lovely imperfections of women.  To genuinely celebrate women is for all women to be honored and for each woman to rejoice in her unique self IN HER own SKIN.


Amy Theard "I want to touch the world with what I create and bring a sense of awe and wonder to each person who encounters my work.”

Amy Theard is a Haitian-born artist, based in New York City.  Her deep-rooted love of the arts came about at an early age and she has adopted the phrase “Create to Liberate” as her statement.  During a yearlong stay in her native country of Haiti in 2012, she finally discovered her true love for painting, yet the energy and culture of Harlem has a big influence on her work. She favors many of the influential musicians of the Harlem Renaissance such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, and other prominent artists of color such as Basquiat, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, and Erykah Badu.  


Beatrice Lebreton“I aspire to take the viewer on a spiritual journey, to let them marvel, contemplate the images and find part of their own spirit and culture.” 

She is surrounded by God's protection and presence.  Beatrice was born and grew up in France. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris with a MFA and also holds a MA from La Sorbonne University where she was first introduced to traditional West African aesthetics. She finds inspiration in her multicultural heritage and research of African and other ancient cultures.  She makes great use of patterns as they form a system of visual and verbal imagery that hold meanings that the viewer can interpret layer by layer. Her work celebrates womanhood and in particular women of color to bring distinction to the vital roles women contribute to the development of their communities.  Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums including the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Winston- Salem State University, the African American Museum in Dallas and the Ellen Noel Museum in Odessa, Texas.  In 2002 she was selected in a nationwide search to create a design for the new International Terminal in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Texas: the mosaic floor medallion titled “Celebration” commemorates the human spirit and invites travelers to spread harmony all over the world.  Her work has been featured in the American Art Review, the Dallas Morning News, YMIB magazine and the International Review of African American Art among others.  She also appeared on KMPX, Channel 29, The Irving Community Television Network , WFAA TV channel 8 and WABC, Eyewitnesss News.  Beatrice illustrated several children’s books and taught art and art history at various stages of her career.  


Brittani Sensabaugh   “I live in my head a lot and express my inner thoughts through imagery. I document as much as I can so that the individuals without a voice wanting to tell their story can have one through my visuals.

Brittani is a New York based lifestyle photographer originally from Oakland, California. Her overall mission is to document visuals that impact and inspire individuals to be more aware of their surroundings and embrace life moments.   She is addicted to capturing and documenting life moments. 

The main focus of the 222purity series is purity within self and breaking down the inner conditions that society makes us feel and adapt to. It focuses on looking past materialism, and assigning value to activities and people.   The subject in the 222purity portraits feels comfortable in her skin without having to cover up because of a need to fit forced society standards.  The work is intended to show individual reflections and allow others to feel comfortable in their space.  


Capucine Bourcart   “I look at life through a camera, hoping to capture the details that so often escape us and bring our attention to their quiet beauty.”

Originally from Alsace, France, Capucine Bourcart has called Harlem her home for the past eight years. Primarily self-taught in photography, she has refined her skills through classes at the International Center of Photography in New York, where she was also a Teacher’s Assistant. She is fascinated by the details, inspired by her personal interactions, and structures her creative process with visual fragments that she collects in her daily life, travels, and personal relationships. She uses these fragments to create her photographic compositions.


Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy literally commits her body and soul to her art. While most artists use a brush to create, Kennedy uses her body to give life to her paints. By physically immersing herself in the paint...she becomes the paint. Because of her raw energy and strong physique she is able to caress the paint all the while manipulating her medium through a mesmerizing, ritualistic dance between art and artist. To witness the process is an experience that is personal, raw and unabashedly thrilling.


Joi Sanchez, Spoken Word Artist

Joi Sanchez, also known as JeSansChez is a Brooklyn based creator; a black, queer, womyn & mother of two with an eye on changing the world through art. Her poetic performance and visual art has been featured at venues across the country including BB Kings Bar & Grill, Ouchi Gallery, The Wow Cafe Theater, Greenpoint Gallery & Free Candy Gallery. Most recently at The Secret Rose Theater in Los Angeles. She is also the founder & curator of Art Lov[H]er, a co-operative arts organization that holds space to promote, honor, and preserve the work of  women artists through monthly open mic nights at The Living Gallery and collaborative events like this years 1st Annual Femcee Festival.  


Makeba Rainey

Makeba is a Harlem native inspired by her community and fellow emerging visual and musical artists.  She is the founder of Black Capital Coalition (BCC), which promotes both visual and performance artists from Harlem through creative collaborations between artists, businesses, and cultural institutions. BCC directs attention to young Harlem artists by teaming up with other young creatives; videographers, musicians, performing artists,  & writers; to merge audiences and increase the fan-base.  She is the editor of a popular blog also titled Black Capitol Coalition providing a forum for young visual artists, rappers, dj’s and performance artists.  Makeba believes the creative arts are important in empowering youth.  She served on the Executive Board of Speaking in Rhythms, a nonprofit organization that provides youth with an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive music program and promotes the appreciation and creation of music through the use of contemporary and traditional percussion instruments. 


Margaret Rose Vendryes

"The glow of gold over black I achieve using multiple, thin, high-gloss glazes reminds me of the layers of identities Black women performers must subsume in order to succeed.   I often wonder who they really were when out from under the starlight."

Margaret Rose Vendryes received her AB in fine arts from Amherst College, MA in art history from Tulane University, and a second MA and Ph.D. in art history from Princeton University.  She taught at Princeton University and Amherst College before entering the faculty of City University of New York where, as Associate Professor of Art History, she received tenure in 2006. Among several honors, Vendryes held a 2003 American Association of University Women Fellowship and is a former Scholar-in-Residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. In 2008, University Press of Mississippi published Vendryes’ book Barthé, A Life in Sculpture, the first comprehensive monograph on the late African American sculptor Richmond Barthé which served as the catalog for the 2010-2011 retrospective she curated at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi. Vendryes was the curator of Beyond the Blues: Reflections on African America from the Amistad Research Center Fine Arts Collection at New Orleans Museum of Art (2010), the first large-scale exhibition of this seminal collection of work by African American artists and about the African American experience.  In the fall of 2013, Vendryes returned to York College, CUNY as Distinguished Lecturer in Performing and Fine Arts and Director of the York College Fine Arts Gallery.  A Queens, NYC resident, she has a full-time studio practice in addition to teaching, curating exhibitions, and writing.


Marthalicia Matarrita

Marthalicia Matarrita is a Harlem New York city native, raised along with two brothers by parents that hail from the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Since the early age of 4 years old, Marthalicia did art at home with her family, especially her brothers Tomas and Jorge who shared their "black book" graffiti art journals and comic books. Encouraged by faith to pursue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, New York City. Upon graduating high school, limited funds discouraged her from entering college, which led her to enlist in the Army National Guard.  Her service helped her enroll in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz, where she received a B.A. in Fine Arts.  In 2005 Marthalicia gave birth to her son. While in the service she continued to build her art resume and further develop her new art journey in Live Art Performance.  Today, Marthalicia has broadened her art experiences to include many different avenues, venues, and opportunities where she builds community with others.


DJ “Rogue The Creative”

Rogue, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, began her career as a performing artist at the early age of "Since I Can Remember."  Self-taught English speaker, Rogue is an underground creature of the night. Some of her credits include hosting the world famous Underground Rebel Bingo NYC; numerous theatre productions including RENT (Mimi Marquez) Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dr. Frank N. Furter) and Guys & Dolls (Miss Adelaide) amongst many others.  She is currently the house DJ for the hip hop group Cyph City. Rogue is one of the two personalities of the female-power duo, LethoLogica, starring as a vocalist, producer, and DJ; the band performs all over the NYC area. Rogue, The Creative is also the pioneer of the Arcane Element Society, an underground collective showcasing extraordinary individuals. You may catch Rogue at the scene in various venues from the Gramercy Theatre, to Public Assembly, Irving Plaza, Santos Party House, and many others.

About Art In FLUX (presenting curatorial organization)

Art In FLUX creates opportunity for artists living and/or working in Harlem, brings art into public spaces, creates a positive use for underutilized spaces and stimulates a vibrant neighborhood by merging art, commerce and community.  Art In FLUX Harlem was launched in 2012 and since then has popped up in empty retail spaces, on the streets, in restaurants, schools and lobbies bringing art closer to the community as well as attracting media attention and art collectors to the diverse group of artists in Harlem.  

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Linus Corragio

“The Art of Linus Coraggio” Exhibit

Art critics would describe LINUS CORAGGIO as a Crazy Awesome Metal Sculptor, but there is so much more artistic talent to LINUS CORAGGIO’s than you can imagine.

La Maison d’Art presents an exhibit of outdoor sculptures, welded furniture, abstract paintings, wall reliefs and Woodcut Prints (based on a 25-year survey of LINUS CORAGGIO’s actual abstract sculpture pieces).

About the Artist

LINUS CORAGGIO began building intricate sculptures as a child using toothpicks. His calling was obvious although he has since graduated from toothpicks and Elmer’s Glue.

Coraggio creates his sculptures from found objects. In fact, he claims to have an enormous collection of metal and other stuff, but mostly metal tools, barbed wire, screws, gears, wheels, rods, nails, bikes, chairs, wire and all sorts of bits and pieces which he welds into sculptures. Some are whimsical, some are semi-functional, some are purely abstract.

LINUS CORAGGIO invented a genre of street art called 3-D graffiti, (welded, graffitied constructions bolted onto No-parking signposts in several major cities). Later Coraggio formed and galvanized a sculpture group known as the “Rivington School” that created massive junk sculpture installations on the Lower East Side from 1985 to 1997, (including the infamous Gas Station/Space 2B – his sprawling scrap metal studio of 10 years in a former gas station on 2cnd St. and Ave B).

Coraggio has also received travel grants to Helsinki Finland, Rotterdam Holland, Lintz Austria and Japan to do sponsored public sculptures. He still currently works and lives in NYC doing commissions and creating new welded abstract and figurative sculpture as well as 1 of a kind metal furniture.

LINUS CORAGGIO is a BFA graduate from SUNY Purchase and has also studied at Skowhegen, Maine.

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"THE ROOM OF WONDERS" - A Solo Exhibition of Al Johnson
to Mar 7

"THE ROOM OF WONDERS" - A Solo Exhibition of Al Johnson

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper
— W.B Yeats

" THE ROOM OF WONDER", Al Johnson's fascinating world showcased at La Maison d'Art is revealed to the public in shimmering mysteries like jewels in their boxes.

The expressionist Master takes us where we have never been, as a pathfinder constantly exploring new directions.

In the spirit of a " Cabinet de curiosités", inspired by the surrealistic boxes by Joseph Cornell, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, Al Johnson's works are poetic juxtapositions of found objects, gestural and chromatic allegories lightened with his tonal palette, blended with the rhythms of Jazz which resonate forcefully and open the gates to the magic of dream .

Enter  "The Room of Wonders "

Al Johnson

Accomplished illustrator, painter, curator, creative director and mentor.

Al Johnson studied at Pratt Art Institute, the Art Students League and at the Albert Pale School of Commercial Arts under the instruction of Jack Faragasso.  Merging both talents of commercial and fine arts proved to develop into a signature art form for him.



As an accomplished oil painter, Al Johnson, most recently was commissioned to create a seven-foot portrait of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, which is permanently installed in Brooklyn Borough Hall.


Commercial Work

Al Johnson has extensive experience in Production design creating advertising art for many advertising companies in and around New York since 1987. He has worked with Fashion Ads and Movie Industry Group.

His ample body of works includes developing the storyboards for TV's Third Watch, Disney's Tuck Everlasting, Oscar winning film, The Hours directed by Stephen Daldry and The Fountain directed by Darren Aronofsky. Al Johnson’s creativity was instrumental in promoting the successful campaigns for the following HBO shows:  Sex in the City, The Wire, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos and the broadcast promotional campaign, TV on the Move, for the A&E television network.



Al Johnson mentors both young and adult artists who are at the beginning of their artistic journey by providing hands-on-experience as to how to develop their own artistic style.  He also shares his skills and advice on specific media and techniques to enable emerging artists to reach their goals.


"While I may have had a particular direction in mind when creating, I encourage the viewer to experience the work in their own way - to draw their own conclusions and make their own discoveries. For this reason, I sometimes refer to these works as "Interpretizm." It is an act of creating with one thing in mind, to touch the inner spirit and to allow the viewers to interpret for themselves what they see and feel in each expression. My art asks the viewer to behold in wonder."

 - Al Johnson

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