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Linus Corragio

“The Art of Linus Coraggio” Exhibit

Art critics would describe LINUS CORAGGIO as a Crazy Awesome Metal Sculptor, but there is so much more artistic talent to LINUS CORAGGIO’s than you can imagine.

La Maison d’Art presents an exhibit of outdoor sculptures, welded furniture, abstract paintings, wall reliefs and Woodcut Prints (based on a 25-year survey of LINUS CORAGGIO’s actual abstract sculpture pieces).

About the Artist

LINUS CORAGGIO began building intricate sculptures as a child using toothpicks. His calling was obvious although he has since graduated from toothpicks and Elmer’s Glue.

Coraggio creates his sculptures from found objects. In fact, he claims to have an enormous collection of metal and other stuff, but mostly metal tools, barbed wire, screws, gears, wheels, rods, nails, bikes, chairs, wire and all sorts of bits and pieces which he welds into sculptures. Some are whimsical, some are semi-functional, some are purely abstract.

LINUS CORAGGIO invented a genre of street art called 3-D graffiti, (welded, graffitied constructions bolted onto No-parking signposts in several major cities). Later Coraggio formed and galvanized a sculpture group known as the “Rivington School” that created massive junk sculpture installations on the Lower East Side from 1985 to 1997, (including the infamous Gas Station/Space 2B – his sprawling scrap metal studio of 10 years in a former gas station on 2cnd St. and Ave B).

Coraggio has also received travel grants to Helsinki Finland, Rotterdam Holland, Lintz Austria and Japan to do sponsored public sculptures. He still currently works and lives in NYC doing commissions and creating new welded abstract and figurative sculpture as well as 1 of a kind metal furniture.

LINUS CORAGGIO is a BFA graduate from SUNY Purchase and has also studied at Skowhegen, Maine.