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"PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY" - A new exhibition of Gregory St Amand

  • La Maison d'Art 259 W 132nd St New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)



PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY is an exercise that shows an assimilation of our consciousness through popular marketing of brands and icons. Our thought process is intricately intergraded with the imagery we consume everyday. This language of imagery is fed to us casually and forcefully. This is the very essence of what is merging our collective thought process and our cultures. 
This consumption of commercial propaganda actually makes us closer to one another without noticing that certain barriers have been breeched. I neither desire to judge it negatively or positively in my art, but I have to allow freedom and honesty through my work. I recognize that it is a force in our lives, and that there is someone at the wheel that is not us.

I think recognizing this idea is to exert your power to steer it in a way, that you find advantages to your beliefs. I always like to give the quick example of growing up in the islands and asking for a coke. After a while asking for a coke does not mean you want specifically a coca cola it just means you want a soda. The brand in essence has taken over a communication bridge; and further more, it does this, in a culture that may be foreign to its origins. 
Imagery was made to communicate and gain leverage to interact with greater accessibility to truly understanding each others desires. It does this by showing us beautiful things that seduce our spirits and intellects. Knowing this I think it is interesting to entertain possibilities never before seen and make more obvious those we see everyday.That awareness is what I talk about in my work, I believe I will make people take notice of what they are consuming not just with their mouths but also with their eyes. Part of me grew up more american then americans living in the US, and part of me always felt a little asian in some way because I consumed so much of their imagery while growing up.

PRODUCTION OF THE MONARCHY is a cultural result of how we communicate with each other, and what we want from another, and how we want to be understood or seen. My brush strokes expose this interaction, my palette and subjects expose the effects of our communication and consumption.

Opening Reception's Photos and Video