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  • La Maison d'Art 259 W 132nd St New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

VerroDalla, Ula Einstein, Ellen Hackl Fagan & Norma Marquez Orozco, will be presenting their intriguing Artwork during <DIVERGING WAYS> Exhibition from April 9th to May 3rd, 2013 at La Maison d’Art Gallery.

Ellen Hackl Fagan’s ColorSoundGrammar game is a playful interaction in which viewers build connections between color and sound using the Do Re Mi musical scale. The result gets translated into pseudoscientific meditations, and ultimately, paintings on the blended language of color and sound. “Weaving threads from pop music, decorative art, complexity theory, Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy I build connections in my abstract paintings between color and sound”, Ellen explains.

Norma Márquez Orozco creates three-dimensional drawings, made of translucent paper boxes that contain loose shapes of paper that shift over time or when the piece is moved. The shapes are traced with colored pencils that show a past position of the elements. This series explores the changing relationship of stillness and movement and the ways that we conceive and experience time. “As a result of this dynamic relationship, the work extends beyond my personal process by continuing to make subtle shifts, sustaining a life and composition entirely its own”, Mrs. Márquez notes.

Ula Einstein's hybrid interventions play with tension around synthetic and organic. Using the inspiration of the material’s characteristics as a starting point, Ula Einstein's urge to change, conceal, and advance, as the particular work takes form, stretches materials beyond their original purpose.  With gesture, drawing out, and layering, material and process, revelatory of each other; undoing and making is part of the content. Further stretching the work, Einstein explores the paradox of fragility/substance, rupture/repair, shadow/light, empty/full.

Verodalla’s world is a reflection in volume, a well thought-out color palette, and a choice of materials (cellulose fibers & chalk), Each “Poppies” canvas reveals a universe and reflects a sober, refined, soothing, cheerful, simple, and sometimes obvious atmosphere. Verodalla’s creations offer harmony and purity, escape and balance; a sensation of well-being predominates in the artist’s work. Her famous “Livenlullus” are universal figures with their own identity, devoid of external traits and far removed from pre-existing creatures.

About the Artists

Ellen Hack Fagan has been exhibiting her work extensively throughout Connecticut and in New York City.  She maintains a painting studio in Harlem and creates ceramic sculptures at the Clay Art Center.

The artist Norma Márquez Orozco, born in Chicago, founded Floor4Art in 2001. Floor4Art houses artist’s studios and exhibition space aimed at producing, promoting and connecting artists.

Ula Einstein, a Swiss born multi-disciplinary artist, lives and works in New York City. Her work has exhibited in galleries, museums, and non-profit art spaces throughout the US and internationally.  Her work is included among collectors globally.

Verodalla was born in Beaune, Burgundy and lives in New York City. She exhibits in France, Italy and in the US and has worldwide private collectors.

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