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Hip-Hop Showcase with WIDMARK and ELLEMENTT - Check out DJ AKil and DJ Poska at La Maison d'Art

  • La Maison d'Art 259 West 132nd Street New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

Getting Up! The Evolution of Graffiti

Grab your last chance to own a piece of the Graffiti History!


Widmark Biography

Imagine Hip Hop without its origin?
How would we deliver our joy, yet alone our pain?
How do we tell the world its ours for the taking?
Style.....Where would it come from?
Slang.....How would we say it?

One bold artist is bringing it ALL back....courtesy of the prowess that Widmark has honed.

New York has never left its ways. Dig past the mainstream, the cameras & sanitized deuce and you'll discover where hip hop has hung its hat; waiting to be worn.

Widmark wants to wear that hat; that crown of REAL New York hip-hop. Widmark saw and lived life where the streets are alphabets & the avenues are the city's lifeblood, flowing neighborhood to neighborhood to connect all peoples and persuasions with what is REAL about the streets! Split between a street where on one side the grass is kept greener all year; while on the other side cries are abundant and hope is crushed by the daily existence of being. Widmark straddles that boundry effortlessly; one foot in the seedy underbelly and one foot in the greener pastures.

Follow a person self-made from the unforgiving jungle of the most famous city on earth. As he gives us an art form that he can't deny. Dreams don’t die; as long as they are worth discovering. Discovery is determination, dreams are a career paths and perseverance is what defines an artist.

Time isn't waiting. Hip Hop has never left home. Widmark knows he is the heart of the city; he feels the city's cadence and projects it upon the masses with unparalled flair and style.


Ellement Biography

It’s rare nowadays to find a rapper with the lyrical ability and prowess that commands respect from the most ardent and well studied Hip Hop heads, while at the same time, having the cross-over appeal to have the young high school kids completely want to rock out with him. 

Born and raised in Spanish Harlem’s Taft Projects, Ellementt paints recognizable pictures that pull from all our collective experiences. He writes about what we’ve all typically seen in the heart of the urban environment as well as personal tribulations he has endured throughout life. With influences ranging from Big L & Nas, to Eminem & Big Pun, to ATCQ & Slum Village, to the Deftones & Nirvana, including Soul & Jazz music, Ellementt started to write lyrics at a really young age and experiment as an MC in his teenage years. 

Always having the nostalgic Hip Hop of the mid-late 90's embedded in his childhood memories, Ellementt wanted to use his newly found ability to bring that feel good, genuine & honest feeling back to his beloved genre. 

After 2 tours in Europe within just a 1 and 1/2 year timeframe his buzz is now grown to be of worldwide potential. The overseas crowd has warmed up to the artist almost instantaneously as he now has a critically acclaimed overseas classic in the track/video “Harlem”. Ellementt is most definitely an MC you want to watch out for. He’s poised to grab the world’s attention. His progression has been rapid, consistent, and most importantly IMPRESSIVE. We need Hip Hop to sound like this again, and with MCs like Ellementt and so many others coming up from the underground scene, Hip Hop is about to get a reality check.