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Chiffani Show

La Maison d'Art is happy to host Chiffani Show. Book your free ticket now:

A Message from the Artist:

This is not a fashion show.

This is not an art exhibit.

This is the process of creating magnified times 22.

This show is for the cool kid. the hipster. the artist. the creative wight who can't be put into a certain genre or box. This is a show for the poet. the singer. the writer. the black and white, no grey thinker. the black and white makes grey thinker. the realist. the dreamer. the fashionista/fashionisto. the dandies. the stylist. the unisex thinkers. the painter. the designer. the writer. the social media maven. the worker. the person who lives.

If you fit these descriptions or feel those are all boxes; come to this presentation.

I am an artist who went on a soul hiatus only to rediscover me. This is what came out of it.

See you soon.


Tiffany Salas

#ChiffaniShow2016 #Narcissist #Chiffani

PS. Bring a freewill donation for Sickle Cell Anemia, gets you access to the Surprise part of the show. Thx!

Earlier Event: August 21
Sugar Hill Market
Later Event: October 9
Sugar Hill Market